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Paul McCartney is on the run and in Chicago : by Martin M. Rocha

Sir Paul is here!! He is a living legend and has been the most successful musician of all time. Bringing an average of three and a half hours of music to the windy city. What else can we Beatle fans ask for?

Paul McCartney

Paul 1

From the 1960’s The Beatles have the greatest musical catalog in music history and they never did no wrong. Every album is an amazing feast; from the first one “Please Please Me” to their top of their game and reaching the top of the mountain”Abbey Road”. They never disappointed their fans.

Paul McCartney

Paul 2

Throughout the 1970’s when he formed Wings he brought some amazing music as well. His ultimate best during that era being “Band on the run” is phenomenal. I was only a kid when he toured in 1975-1976 and didn’t return to Chicago until 1989. I was lucky to see him for the first time on July 31st 1990. His show was mind blowing and probably the only concert that the entire stadium at Soldier Field sang every song from the Beatles and Wings Catalog.

Paul McCartney 1967

Paul 3

Now exactly 21 years later I am lucky to see him again and to enjoy the magic of his music, magic that brings so much beauty to many of us. Well Beatle fans, let the show begin, see you at Wrigley Field tonight; a splendid time is guaranteed for all.


Paul McCartney 1967

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