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Martin M. Rocha Art at Lincolnshire Art Festival in Illinois

Greeting to all Art fans and to many who enjoy the world of art. I’m inviting you to come to the Lincolnshire Art Festival in Illinois this summer on Saturday August 18th and Sunday August 19th. I will be exhibiting and selling my art; Poster Prints and T-Shirts. You could have your own print of someone you admire; you decide. Art genres and styles would include Rock stars, Actors, Superheroes, Landscapes and Animals. MARK IT ON YOUR CALENDAR!! COME AND ENJOY THE SHOW!! Let me know if you have any suggestions of who I should add to the genre of popular people that I not yet have in my gallery! I’m open for suggestions! Email me if you have any questions at martinmrochaart@gmail.com

Saludos a todos los fanáticos y aficionados al arte. Los invito al Festival de Arte del condado de Lincolnshire en Illinois Agosto 18 y 19. Estaré exibiendo y vendiendo mi arte; original y copias de imprenta. Les gustaría tener su propia copia de un artista famoso? Los diferentes tipos de arte incluye estrellas de Rock, actores famosos, superhéroes, paisajes y animales. TOMEN NOTA EN SU CALENDARIO HOY!! VENGAN A DISFRUTAR EL SHOW!! Si hay alguien a quien tengan en mente que no está en mi galería de arte déjenme saber! Me encantaría saber que sugerencias tienen ustedes!!  Mándenme un correo electrónico a martinmrochaart@gmail.com si tienen preguntas.



And in the end……he was knighted by the British Empire as he is Sir Paul. One of the greatest performers of all time delivers a grand finale to remember.  During the last few minutes as we all waited after some great performers; the bass-man; instrumentalist and man of a thousand voices closes the show with the last three songs on the last Beatles album (Abbey Road) with that lasting and enduring lyric. Golden Slumbers/Carry that Weight/The End; the second part medley of side two still sounds as good as ever. After so many years and tears of joy he took the stage and the night just ended in a high perfect note.

A 30 by 30 colored pencil drawing of Abbey Road

A 30 by 30 colored pencil drawing of Abbey Road by Martin M. RochaA colored pencil drawing of Sir Paul by Martin M. Rocha


A note that transmits, transforms and transcends from music to art and art to music. They still blend together as Paul shows he is still one of the most astonishing show man of all time. He is incredible and after all we could all say that Chris Farley did ask the right questions in that enjoyable humorous interview over fifteen years ago.

A colored pencil drawing of Sir Paul by Martin M. Rocha

A colored pencil drawing of Sir Paul by Martin M. Rocha

“AND IN THE END….THE LOVE YOU TAKE …..IS EQUAL TO THE LOVE YOU MAKE”. Simple and beautiful and Mr. Farley questions “IS THAT TRUE?” Of course it is! The more you give the more you get! “THAT WAS AWESOME!” Awesome is what describes last night performance. Thumbs up!

The Beatles in art by Martin M. Rocha

The beauty of Blackbird!! Just enjoy watching some of my Beatles drawings. All done in prismacolor pencils.



DON’T FORGET TO VOTE FOR MY DRAWING ON  http://www.talenthouse.com/   If I win; I will have the opportunity to have this drawing on Sir Paul’s inside CD cover.

Paul McCartney is on the run and in Chicago : by Martin M. Rocha

Sir Paul is here!! He is a living legend and has been the most successful musician of all time. Bringing an average of three and a half hours of music to the windy city. What else can we Beatle fans ask for?

Paul McCartney

Paul 1

From the 1960’s The Beatles have the greatest musical catalog in music history and they never did no wrong. Every album is an amazing feast; from the first one “Please Please Me” to their top of their game and reaching the top of the mountain”Abbey Road”. They never disappointed their fans.

Paul McCartney

Paul 2

Throughout the 1970’s when he formed Wings he brought some amazing music as well. His ultimate best during that era being “Band on the run” is phenomenal. I was only a kid when he toured in 1975-1976 and didn’t return to Chicago until 1989. I was lucky to see him for the first time on July 31st 1990. His show was mind blowing and probably the only concert that the entire stadium at Soldier Field sang every song from the Beatles and Wings Catalog.

Paul McCartney 1967

Paul 3

Now exactly 21 years later I am lucky to see him again and to enjoy the magic of his music, magic that brings so much beauty to many of us. Well Beatle fans, let the show begin, see you at Wrigley Field tonight; a splendid time is guaranteed for all.


Paul McCartney 1967

If you have any inquiries about our art and texture, the artistic process, please feel to contact Martin M. Rocha at martinmrochaart@gmail.com. With Martin M. Rocha Art, a passion for art is truly in the details; Martin M. Rocha of MartinMRochaArt.com.


The Beatles Fan Art: The great art and death clues behind Sgt Pepper and Abbey Road.

Sgt Pepper

Many Beatle fans know the enigma surrounding the death clues in Beatles’ songs and album covers; but many never heard of such a myth. This is where the beauty of art and music connect. Sgt Pepper was no exception as clues where discovered. When I completed these drawings 11 years ago I was so intrigued by the mystery.

One of those mysteries include : If you place a mirror covering the letters of the words “Lonely Hearts” it points at Paul McCartney as it reads “I ONE I HE DIE” (Claiming three Beatles minus one).

Sgt Pepper "The Grave"

It also resembles the grave of Paul McCartney. The hand over his head also displays a symbol of death. There are other clues as well; but Abbey Road (see below) is the most interesting of all.

Abbey Road

Impressive artistically as well as musically Abbey Road shows the following :

1) Paul is out of the step of the other three.

2)He is holding a cigarette on his right hand when he is left handed.

3)His eyes are closed.

4)The Volkswagen Beetle reads “LMW 28 IF” meaning “Linda McCartney Weeps 28 if he was alive”

5) He is barefooted. (Amazing!! Isn’t it?)


If you have any inquiries about our art, the artistic process, please feel to contact Martin M. Rocha at martinmrochaart@gmail.com. With Martin M. Rocha Art, a passion for art is truly in the details; Martin M. Rocha of MartinMRocha.com.