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Art for Charity

Martin M. Rocha Art at Lincolnshire Art Festival in Illinois

Greeting to all Art fans and to many who enjoy the world of art. I’m inviting you to come to the Lincolnshire Art Festival in Illinois this summer on Saturday August 18th and Sunday August 19th. I will be exhibiting and selling my art; Poster Prints and T-Shirts. You could have your own print of someone you admire; you decide. Art genres and styles would include Rock stars, Actors, Superheroes, Landscapes and Animals. MARK IT ON YOUR CALENDAR!! COME AND ENJOY THE SHOW!! Let me know if you have any suggestions of who I should add to the genre of popular people that I not yet have in my gallery! I’m open for suggestions! Email me if you have any questions at martinmrochaart@gmail.com

Saludos a todos los fanáticos y aficionados al arte. Los invito al Festival de Arte del condado de Lincolnshire en Illinois Agosto 18 y 19. Estaré exibiendo y vendiendo mi arte; original y copias de imprenta. Les gustaría tener su propia copia de un artista famoso? Los diferentes tipos de arte incluye estrellas de Rock, actores famosos, superhéroes, paisajes y animales. TOMEN NOTA EN SU CALENDARIO HOY!! VENGAN A DISFRUTAR EL SHOW!! Si hay alguien a quien tengan en mente que no está en mi galería de arte déjenme saber! Me encantaría saber que sugerencias tienen ustedes!!  Mándenme un correo electrónico a martinmrochaart@gmail.com si tienen preguntas.


JAPAN : Martin M. Rocha Art’s “Sakura / All for Japan” donation.

My two Inspirations for the "Sakura / All for Japan" proje

I took the time to take pictures of my latest art work with my two inspirations. It was a joy putting this project together as I made the idea and vision a reality!

A special moment!

Satoko was very welcoming in accepting the donation for the project and took the time for some photographs to be taken. It was an honor to meet her.

Thank you Satoko

“Sakura / All for Japan” was a special gift from the heart, a donation for the beautiful people of Japan. It was an emotional experience at the Japan Consulate in  downtown Chicago.

Thank you to my friend Becky as well.

I would like to thank all the Art fans and friends out there for making the “SAKURA / ALL FOR JAPAN” possible; mission accomplished, delivery complete! But specially Hailed, Mike, Becky (For the adventure / specially at the gas station) and most of all my friend Suzann (Thank you for your guidance, advice and direction). It made a difference to work on such a special art project that came from the heart; a piece of art work that means so much for all of us and to the people of Japan.

The final photograph of "Sakura/All for Japan"

Arrived : May 13th 2011. Don’t forget that passion in the art is truly in the details. Any comments that you may have, contact Martin M. Rocha at martinmrochaart@gmail.com. Don’t forget to also visit us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Satoko represented Erica

Hi Martin,
My apologies for not getting back to you sooner in re to your donation of your beautiful art piece in re to the Japan Earthquake. We just had our morning meeting, and we would be delighted to accept the donation here at the Society. If possible, we would like to use the piece as an auction item for both our Annual Golf Tournament in August and/or our Annual Holiday Fundraiser on December 15. All proceeds help to support our Society’s programming and educational endeavors.
Please note that our office closes at 5:30 PM on Friday, so please feel free to stop by anytime before that time.
For our own internal purposes, do you know what the value of the piece is?
Thank you so much again for thinking of our organization and the people of Japan during this difficult time!
Erika V Kono

Erica Kono wrote this beautiful email on May 11th, Exactly when the events occurred . After speaking with her on the phone she accepted the donation a couple of days later. I am very happy to see that the masterpiece is going to a good cause. It was my pleasure and honor to be part of this special moment as it unfolds emotions of joy and happiness.

Erica was kind and very welcoming, but was unable to attend when I arrived, but I had the opportunity to meet Satoko Ogi who was very welcoming as well. After taking several pictures and a few tears and smiles we parted ways.

An Emotional trip

By Martin M. Rocha