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Hungry for more? That’s exactly the feeling I’ve got when I read and saw this fascinating motion picture. It’s definitely going to be one of the movies of the year. The book was so addicting that I couldn’t put it down. Full of detail and fascinating suspense I could define it as a book that it really grabs you. The movie was every bit as good, however. It is very difficult to cover all the details that the book includes into a blockbuster film. As it defines a new meaning for an era where Harry Porter and Twilight left off, The Hunger Games picks up and takes it into a new genre. Kids and adults, males and females are fascinated by it. I was amazed by the book and film that it inspired me to transform Katniss into the world of art. With a pure tone of color pencil I am delivering one of my greatest achievements.

Why do I consider it one of my greatest masterpieces? Because where Captain America and Adele left off, Katniss picked up on one of the most challenging colorful drawings I have ever done. The skin tones in color are difficult to give it a realistic tone. I think I come pretty close to real on this one. What do you think art fans? Do I come close to a realistic image with my free hands on this one? Or do I have a better one from the past? You decide!! martinmrochaart@gmail.com


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