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Led Zeppelin : Fan art and mystery : by Martin M. Rocha

Page and Plant

Yes! Led Zeppelin almost made it to Latin America, but unfortunately never did. I drew this one two years ago as a tribute to their almost South American tour. During the mid to late seventies they cancelled possibilities to play some shows; due to tragedies to Robert Plant’s car accident in Greece and family death fans were left hanging. Its interesting how the myth of making a deal with Lucifer guarantees a life of success and temptation, but in some cases you pay the price.

Swan Song

Very fascinating how the Swan Song logo is a painting called EVENING : FALL OF DAY : LUCIFER RISING; a possible connection with their mystery and interest of the occult. Combining the Led Zeppelin logo along with the old painting gives it a more detailed appearance. The combination of all their album covers makes this drawing a stand out.

Led Zeppelin Collage

Drawing a tribute from their music catalog; from their debut album “Led Zeppelin” to their last “In through the outdoor”!! As many fans call them “The Zepps” who have some of the best collection of music. They don’t disappoint; their sound is so distinctive and unique they manage to impress their fans musically as well as artistically.

If you have any inquiries about our art and texture, the artistic process, please feel to contact Martin M. Rocha at martinmrochaart@gmail.com. With Martin M. Rocha Art, a passion for art is truly in the details; Martin M. Rocha of MartinMRochaArt.com.


Martin M. Rocha Art : The Art of Rock n Roll / Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana

I learned to appreciate and enjoy different kinds of musical genres. My taste has extended from the incredible color and sounds of Rock n Roll to the cultural rhythms of Latin American music and art. I have always been a fan of both styles as it has touched my love for the world of art. Both of the drawings of these popular musicians represent the merging of both; art and music.

Carlos Santana "Step 1"

Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana are two great examples of both themes. The sound transmits into some of the most astounding images for any art fan to appreciate. They portray the glow and delicacy in the art of Rock n Roll.

JIMI HENDRIX / His life, his music, his concerts, his legacy

I completed the Jimi Hendrix image about four years ago. Believe or not for you art fans out there, the challenging part was neither the face or the hair. The background was the most elaborating segment as I gave it a blurry image to make Jimi’s face more prominent. This drawing represents the spirit and heart of the 1960’s as It illustrates color as well as sound.

Carlos Santana "Step 2"

The drawing of Carlos Santana shows the elegance of the Latin culture in America. Completed in the sepia tone; note that some of the colors on his shirt stand out to give his clothing a more domineering look. Please feel free to comment  about the latest works. Its all for you art fans to enjoy.

Carlos Santana "Step 3"