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The Who : Who are you and who are they? by Martin M. Rocha


Yes!! They are loud, talented and artistic. The who made it to the Guinness book of world records as the loudest band in the world in the mid seventies. One of their shows in 1976 was measured at 120 decibels; that’s as loud as a jet’s engine. In today’s standards no band are allowed to play that loud. They are a fascinating band that included one of my all time favorite drummers; Keith Moon. I drew this collage from a set of some of my favorite black and white photographs and gave it a unique format to the design on each one. It measures 24 by 36.

Who are you

I drew this album cover about 8 years ago and enjoyed the process. A bizarre twist to the drawing is the fact that drummer Keith Moon is sitting on a chair that read “Not to be taken away”! He died within a few weeks after the album’s release.

Who's next

If you think that was bizarre, how about a fun turnaround to this drawing from one of my favorite masterpieces; “Who’s Next”. For years I thought those were their shadows on the senseless monument; but it turns out they just pissed on it and their album title is more like “Who’s next to go number one?”. Its number one in my book. A tribute to one of my favorite bands.

If you have any inquiries about our art and texture, the artistic process, please feel to contact Martin M. Rocha at martinmrochaart@gmail.com. With Martin M. Rocha Art, a passion for art is truly in the details; Martin M. Rocha of MartinMRochaArt.com.