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WHEN GOTHAM IS ASHES YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION TO DIE!! One of the biggest anticipated movies of the year!! THE DARK KNIGHT RISES!! Just by watching the 3rd trailer it pumps up your adrenaline!! Inspirational and powerful as it is on film and in art; it caught my attention to draw Bane!! Yes!! He is the villain that catches your eye on this one. A STORM IS COMING!!


The question is : Will Bane rise higher than The Joker? Many fans are eager to see where Chris Nolan took this one. So far he’s done no wrong!! He has acquired a level of success as he took the Batman character to a new level and gave it a dark twist.



And a dark twist than my Joker drawing I took this character!! Step by step and driving with pure motivation and passion I completed one of my darkest drawings. Completed with heart, took it to the next step and reached a level that I feel would attract many art aficionados. If you would like to see it, come on August 18th and 19th to the Lincolnshire Art Fair in Illinois. I will be displaying some of my best work. Who knows; maybe you will have the opportunity to have a print for yourself!! Come and see and say hello!! martinmrochaart@gmail.com.


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  1. Truly amazing work!

    May 1, 2012 at 9:05 pm

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