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Well, it’s been two months since I started my Avengers drawing.  Since early June I have been working on one of the most elaborate, most challenging drawings I have ever done. No easy task, but feel very proud about the completed product. It will be available soon on print for you art fans to enjoy, meanwhile I have posted a video process along with the pics!! How about that? Six of the greatest Superheroes are finally together in film and in art form!! Prints will be available soon!! Enjoy!!


This is what it looked like back in early June when I completed the first sketch of Iron Man.

Captain America is the 2nd Avenger complete!! He was a lot of fun to draw, but the shield was a challenge. Sketching was the easy part, but the shading to give it that shiny glare was time consuming. Overall it took me 3 days to complete the Captain.

5 hours on the making and only half way done with his face. Thor’s face has been one of the most challenging ones. I had to carefully combine the colors, but its working so far.

After nearly 9 hours, Thor’s face is complete. The shading of different colors was quite the challenge. Once I complete the body I will make additional adjustments to it. He has been by far, the most challenging of the first three Avengers!!


Drawing the details on Thor’s arm was extremely challenging.

Took a lot of time on the hair; but still was fairly easy!!

The second hardest was definitely Hawkeye!!

Hulk was the easiest to draw and color!!

I dedicate this drawing to acoustic and electric people and friends alike, and to the Superhero fans at or near the comic book store, and Beckham (Not David), and Bill (One of the good ones; most Bills don’t even make it this far), and Ana (and her sister) of some town in the Northeast of the windy city and to my cousin Berenice from that awesome town south of the border called Mexico and to those who around the world are just tuning in, and to all the amazing Avengers’ fans around the globe, and well, EVERYBODY!! You know who you are!!


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