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YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO OWN AN ART PRINT. MANY AT COMIC CON ALREADY DO!!! It was a phenomenal weekend for those of you that had the opportunity to attend this past weekend. many good treats and good times were guaranteed for all. I want to thank all the fans for coming by, saying hello and purchasing many of my art prints. I know you got a fantastic deal and left satisfied with a nice print of some amazing art done by yours truly. Superheroes are reaching a high peak and the genre it’s only getting bigger. Please feel free to relive the event that made the festival one to remember. Many pics were taken and many fans arrived!! VISIT MY ONLINE STORE!! MANY MORE GENRES WILL BE ADDED SOON!! martinmrochaart@gmail.com.

First fan to buy an original from the Martin M. Rocha Art gallery!! BLACK WIDOW WAS THE LAST COMPLETION AND THE FIRST ONE TO FLY!!




Well, it’s been two months since I started my Avengers drawing.  Since early June I have been working on one of the most elaborate, most challenging drawings I have ever done. No easy task, but feel very proud about the completed product. It will be available soon on print for you art fans to enjoy, meanwhile I have posted a video process along with the pics!! How about that? Six of the greatest Superheroes are finally together in film and in art form!! Prints will be available soon!! Enjoy!!


Iron Man / Dark Knight Fan Art : The Creation of the Iron Man and the Joker by Martin M. Rocha

The Creation of the Iron Man Part 1

Who is your favorite Super-heroe or Super-villian?

The Creation of the Iron Man Part 2

I used different tones of gray to give the mask a shiny metal appearance.

The Creation of the Iron Man Part 3

The color contrast from light to shade makes the eyes stan out more.

The Creation of the Iron Man Part 4

The hand was the most detailed part of the drawing as each finger had to perfect.

The Creation of the Iron Man Part 5

I combined the reds with different tones of brown to display a more solid view.

The final step to the creation of the Iron Man!

Iron Man

One of the most fascinating steps in completing both Dark Knight and Iron Man was the foggy background effect. I simply used cotton and rubbed Prismacolor led on the poster board paper.

The Dark Knight (Part 1)

As you could see how the background fades from the foreground of the Joker.

The Dark Knight Part 2

Part two was before adding the letters.

The Dark Knight Part 3

The Dark Knight

One of my students gave me the idea of creating the movie poster in Spanish. Being a comic book fan; both are a representation and appreciation of two great films.

If you have any inquiries about our art, or the artistic process, please feel to contact Martin M. Rocha at martinmrochaart@gmail.com. Remember, with Martin M. Rocha Art, a passion for art is truly in the details. Martin M. Rocha of MartinMRocha.com.