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Martin M. Rocha Art : ALL FOR JAPAN / Art for the beautiful people of Japan.

Step 1 for "All for Japan"

I’m currently working on a special drawing that has emotion and hope. One of the most precious themes in the world of art are children.

Step 1 for "All for Japan"

Children bring a special touch to art as it delivers enlightenment and charm. They symbolize peacefulness as their images captivate innocence and add color to life and nature.

Step 2 for "All for Japan"

As you could see the development of “All for Japan”, the drawing is divided into several sections. As the progress moves into further stages you will see how it has a different feel then some of the art that I have displayed from previous posts.

Step 2 for "All for Japan"

I have been using some of the greatest qualities of fonts from Headlinesign to express a special message to the people of Japan. In addition, I included bright colors within the black and white portraits of the children. The flourishing of the flowers are arranged to intensify a similar representation to the elegance of black and white photography.

Step 3 for "All for Japan"

Stay tuned for the finishing touches of “All for Japan” as it’s approaching the final stages.

Step 3 for "All for Japan"

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A view before the addition of the flowers

If you have any inquiries about our art, or the artistic process, please feel free to contact Martin M. Rocha at martinmrochaart@gmail.com. Remember, with Martin M. Rocha Art, a passion for art is truly in the details.

Step 4 for "All for Japan"

What do you think art fans? The appearance of two black and white photographs and a postcard overlapping displays a 3D appearance; a view of prayer and hope as it unfolds. As a final step, the background poster board illustrates an envelope with two postage seals to enhance its significance. It is not everyday that we encounter such powerful, meaningful messages that touch our everyday lives.


It was definitely one of the most powerful and enjoyable pieces of art I have done. I appreciated your compliments on Facebook and enjoyed reading all of the wonderful words; comments that came from the heart.  I included the following quotes from such amazing people.

“Such a strong message yet so delicate”

“Absolutely soul stirring”

“This brought tears to my eyes”

“My favorite things about this piece are its meanings; the Sakura (cherry blossom), the children, and the Land of The Rising Sun. All have great significance…very tastefully executed.”